Caribbean Holidays

Caribbean Holidays

Slot machine test: Caribbean holidays

If it wants once again didn't quite work with the Sun in our latitudes, a good round of "Caribbean Holidays" recommends. For example, in the Star Games Casino, here can be played for real money, but also in fun mode. Here you need to win, to get good mood not once. But don't worry: The Caribbean feeling is not the only advantage of the online slots, that can score with some bonus features and ways to win.

"Caribbean Holidays" is not quite as well known as other Naidoo title, but basically all arguments for unconditional play. The slot is namely not only very nicely designed, but offers very good ways to win. If you here once the free spins will receive, there is hardly a back. There really Caribbean mood comes up where it can out rain and storm, as much as it wants to.

Play Caribbean Holidays online now!

Caribbean holidays online game

No matter whether woman or man, in the slot machine "Caribbean Holidays" there for everyone to see something. Here is Sun program, what is visible to the entire presentation and the symbols are appropriately designed. There is a surfer in a bikini, a dolphin and Pelican, cocktails and beach, as the boys of the beach Guard (Baywatch greetings). It is rounded off with standard symbols that also have the matching look. Picture symbols are the better point suppliers, but what you've got, generally speaking of course, you have that. Also you can fill multiple paylines in "Caribbean Holidays", the values are added together then just.

There are five reels. About pull all 20 pay lines, so not lack opportunities, to fill it. Any combination can be is almost always spin, albeit sometimes with standard symbols. Your goal is to spin the same symbols on the payline, that form rows from left to right. At "9", the surfer and the Dolphin two symbols next to each other, enough to be counted. In principle but you need 3 symbols, so that a line can be counted.

The symbols on the slot game Caribbean holidays

Exception is the scatter symbol, in this case a plane that will bring you to the Caribbean resort. Everywhere, this symbol can be scattered on the reels. 2 scatter symbols, there are still points, in addition you can get free spins. And here plays the slot "Caribbean holidays" its whole strength. There are 25, 35 or even 45 free spins. And if you did it once, chances are good it properly to make profit. The trick is also, that gains in free spin rounds count twice.

Icon with the young man by the lifeguard is by the way wild, can replace but not the scatter symbol.

Slot machines instructions of Caribbean holidays

If you want to play for real money, you have to be logged in at the online casino. With a deposit you can set up a credit for "Caribbean Holidays". You can determine how much is the bet for that round. The one you set the amount of bets per payline, on the other hand you can screw but also on the quantity of the paylines. As a general rule but that it is useful to keep all paylines.

You start and spin the reels. If then one of the above symbols on a payline is lined up, you may be happy about winning. There are double profit in the free spin rounds or if a series with a Joker has been completed or expanded. In addition, you can win but also with the "Caribbean Holidays" gamble increase function. Doing that you fall back on zero, risk though but in the best case you double the reviewing profit several times. For small wins the gamble worth as well as always.

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